No need to look further, we at Justweb can design the website, Software , Business Intelligence and Web Application.
Our Training centre
@JWT (justweb technology), we try to pass on the technical skill to better the lives of many Nigerian youth who are looking for opportunity to be an enterprenuer and be relevant in the new age of technology. We are working day and night to put Nigeria on the map of IT development in the world
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About Us
Justweb Technology is company registered in Nigeria. We are young and vibrant, ready to take the challenges thrown at us. Our relevance in the IT industry has been felt by corporate companies such as NBC(Nigeria Bottling Company), Flourmills of Nigeria etc. In Enterprise application development and mobile app, companies are doing more with their resources
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Our Services
Website Design
Mobile Application for phones
PC Software development (Message,Security, Processing and more)
More than 20million Nigerians use blackberry which means you have another platform to make real money. Imagine your idea can make over 5million downloads of your app and you make 10kobo on every advert per day, which means you have 10kobo X 5,000,000 =???, you know the rest. @JWT we can deliver your idea into reality! Call us now +234-(0)8055065202
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Client testimonials

When we decided to build our own betting website, the idea was clear we needed a competent website company to turn the idea to reality. Justweb did justice to the web application.
Migrating from our miscrosft access based system to a web based system which can be install in a single server and access across the network. Justweb deliver MVC based web application which makes our business better. Now the application is used accross plants nationwide.
Kefas, @NBC.
The conference website for PMAWCA (Port Management of west and Central Africa) annual meeting need to address new requirements which include online registration of delegates and a website that meet international standard. Justweb deliver to us a pride in webside design, it match our world standard.
Muhammed, @PMAWCA.
The business intelligence application gave us a decision making view of our business. This is really great and we can sincerely say we have a system that can report situation realtime
Wole, @Flourmills Nigeria.